Free adult cycle sessions

Bike St George

Free adult cycle sessions to build confidence and explore local cycle routes

**Find out more about guided bike rides and join our cycling group: **

Free 'accompanied rides'

News: Free 'Accompanied Rides' are now on offer - Gain confidence by meeting an experienced 'cycle buddy' who will ride with you to a destination of your choice. Cycle buddies have great knowledge of safer and quieter routes across the city to help you find a good way to get to work for instance. See more here.

Book here and complete the booking form 'survey'. Select Bristol and in the "how did you hear about the session" please say "Other - Bike Bristol". Sessions are funded by Bristol City Council.

Bike St George

Bike Bristol is able to offer a number of FREE Adult cycle sessions running from St George Park and St George Community Centre.

Funding has generously been provided by Bristol City Council & TravelWest to St George Community Centre who we are partnering with for this project called "Bike St George".

The sessions, running in 2022, are suitable for a range of abilities, whether you're completely new to riding a bike, returning after a long break, or wanting some tips for the road. Several different types of sessions will be run that include:

  • Leisure Rides
  • Learn to Ride
  • Cycle Confidence
  • Cycle Skills
  • Maintenance Courses

There are a number of led rides that are ideal for those who want to go at a leisurely pace and explore local cycle paths and routes.

Sessions are taught by friendly qualified cycle instructors. You can attend any of the sessions below and they do not need to be attended in order or in succession, you can attend just one, or several.

Please read the description to decide which session is right for you and suits your ability. Bikes will be available to borrow subject to sizes and number of participants. Contact us to book.

Leisure Rides

Come and enjoy a local bike ride with a friendly ride leader. These 'Leisure Rides' sessions are suitable for those who can already cycle with a degree of confidence on the road. We will embark on a ride of a manageable distance, which is more about enjoying the cycling at a comfortable pace. If you feel you need to develop more confidence or skills before joining a led ride, please check out a 'Cycle Skills' session. Contact us to book.

**Find out more about guided bike rides and join our cycling group: **

Upcoming Rides:

Learn to Ride

'Learn to Ride' a bike sessions are suitable for complete beginners or those who are returning after a break and would like to see if they can still ride. A friendly instructor will help you feel safe and reassured while getting to grips with balance. Bikes and helmets will be provided - just let us know how tall you are. Contact us to book.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Saturday 12th November 10:00-11:00 & 11:00-12:00 (Female participants only)
  • Saturday 12th November 12:45-13:45 & 13:45-14:45

Cycle Confidence (In the park)

'Cycle confidence' sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to practice the basics of cycling, including controlling the bike, observing, signalling, gear shifting and braking skills. We will use the park to build confidence and help you feel at ease on a bike. You will develop abilities that are useful if you decide you'd like to ride on the road and will be helpful if you join a 'Cycle Skills' session. If the group all decide they feel ready, it may be possible to ride on some quiet local roads during the session. Contact us to book.

Upcoming sessions:

  • TBC

Cycle Skills (on the road)

'Cycle skills' sessions are suitable for those who can ride confidently in the park already, with a focus on developing the skills to ride on the road. After a warm up in the park, we will head out onto some quiet local streets to cover the various skills and techniques to help you ride on the road with confidence. If you feel you're not ready for the road, you could try joining a 'Cycle Confidence' session. Contact us to book.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Saturday 11th March (2023) 13:00-15:00