Adult Cycle Training

Adult Cycle Training

Learn to cycle with a skilled instructor. We can teach complete beginners or more advanced cyclists.

*eBike lessons now available! *

A skilled instructor can get you riding! Whether you are a complete beginner learning to pedal, or looking to build up skills for commuting, we can help!

Make the leap to learning to ride a bike in the confidence that you are in safe hands. Our success rate is extremely good and could have you cycling in one session!

For on road training, an instructor can help you gain confidence for cycling around Bristol. By using a progressive training program, we can build up the skills necessary to safely ride in the city. Our training is based around you - whether you just want to learn how to get down toe road, or navigate busy junctions in rush hour, in the knowledge you are cycling right!

Lessons are based on the National Standard for cycle training where you can develop through 3 levels. Level 1 is off road, learning the basic skills needed such as control, signalling and stopping. Level 2 is basic on-road skills, including making a short journey on the road, using junctions and passing parked cars. Level 3 is the highest level where you can learn to use busier roads and make longer journeys.