Dr Bike

Dr Bike

Bike servicing and safety checks

Bike Bristol offers 'Dr Bike' sessions - ideal for your workplace. Dr Bike involves a qualified mechanic attending an event and safety checking bikes, with time for minor repairs/servicing, depending on the allotted time. The minimum booking is 4 hours. It is necessary to factor in a 30 minute break for the mechanic.

It is usual to allow 30 minutes per bike. The minimum 4-hour booking would therefore accommodate 8 bikes.

Alternatively, 45 minute slots allows for a more in depth Dr bike session with minor servicing possible and more repair time. The minimum 4-hour booking would therefore accommodate 5 bikes. 4.5 hours would accommodate 6 bikes

The price is £45 per hour

Work can include the following (the mechanic will decide what is most important) –

  • Indexing the gears
  • Adjusting brake pads
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Replacing inner tubes
  • Lubricating chain
  • Report given to rider to explain any further work recommended