Bike Doctor - Mobile Repairs

Bike Doctor - Mobile Repairs

Bike servicing and safety checks

Mobile Bike Repair

Bike Bristol now offers Mobile Bike Repair and servicing. A qualified mechanic can visit you at home or work. We can adjust brakes, gears and replace tyres, change chains and cassettes, or host of other jobs as needed. Given the mobile nature of the service, a return visit may be required after the correct parts are ordered. Check prices and availability:

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Dr Bike

Bike Bristol offers 'Dr Bike' sessions - ideal for your workplace or community centre. The Bike Doctor is a qualified mechanic who will attend an event and safety check bikes, with time for minor repairs/servicing, depending on the allotted time. The minimum booking is 4 hours. It is necessary to factor in a 30 minute break for the mechanic.

Check prices and availability:

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It is usual to allow 30 minutes per bike. The minimum 4-hour booking would therefore accommodate 7 bikes with the 30 minute break factored in. This is a basic safety check service with minor repairs possible. Each participant will get a bike 'MOT' with a completed checklist and any recommendations. Contact us for information.

Free public upcoming/past events

15th Feb 12.30-4pm: We'll be in St George Park Wednesday 15th Feb 12.30-4pm. Get a free safety check with minor repairs available - First Come First Served! Travel West will be on site sharing maps and travel advice. You may also be eligible for free travel vouchers.

16th Feb 10-3pm: The Bike Doctor will be on Ridingleaze Highstreet, Lawrence Weston, outside Co-op alongside a Sustrans Street Party.

University event by cycle parking:

Shirehampton Public Hall (Kacey O'Neill Photography):


Alternatively, 45 minute slots allows for a more in depth Dr bike session with minor servicing possible and more repair time. The minimum 4-hour booking would therefore accommodate 5 bikes. 4.5 hours would accommodate 6 bikes

The price is £45 per hour

Work can include the following (the mechanic will decide what is most important) –

  • Indexing the gears
  • Adjusting brake pads
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Replacing inner tubes
  • Lubricating chain
  • Report given to rider to explain any further work recommended