Bike Doctor - Mobile Repairs

Bike Doctor - Mobile Repairs

Bike servicing and repairs

***News: Our new bike shop is launching soon - watch this space!***

  • Mobile repairs - a mobile mechanic will come to your home or workplace- Book a mobile repair (more details below).
  • Dr Bike event - Bike safety checks and minor repairs (typically 30 minutes per bike) - Book (more details below)
  • Bike Surgery event - in-depth repairs and servicing - Book (more details below)
  • Bike hire / leasing for personal use or for your workplace - contact to book (more details below)

Mobile repairs

Bike Bristol now offers Mobile Bike Repair and servicing. A qualified mechanic can visit you at home or work. We can adjust brakes, gears and replace tyres, change chains and cassettes, or host of other jobs as needed. Given the mobile nature of the service, a return visit may be required after the correct parts are ordered. Check prices and availability:

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Dr Bike

Bike Bristol offers 'Dr Bike' sessions - ideal for your workplace or community centre. The Bike Doctor is a qualified mechanic who will attend an event and safety check bikes, with time for minor repairs/servicing, depending on the allotted time. It is usual to factor in 30 minutes per bike and the minimum booking is 4 hours.

The minimum 4-hour booking would therefore accommodate 7 bikes with a 30 minute break factored in for the mechanic.

Check prices and availability:

Book Dr. Bike Here

  • 30 minute slots per bike for basic safety checks OR for book a Bike Surgery session (see below) for more in-depth repairs and servicing.
  • Minimum booking is 4 hours
  • Basic parts are included at no extra cost including innertubes, brake blocks and cables (not disc brake pads)
  • Extra parts are available on request and would be invoiced separately (subject to stock). Extra parts are not included in the price so the organiser or employee would need to pay.

This is a basic safety check service with minor repairs possible. Each participant will get a bike 'MOT' with a completed checklist and any recommendations. Contact us for information.

Alternatively, 1 hour slots allow for longer repairs e.g. 4 hours = 4 bikes


The price is £225 for the first 4 hours then +£50 per extra hour. (all +VAT*).

*If your workplace is VAT registered you'll be able to reclaim the VAT.

Work can include the following (the mechanic will decide what is most important) –

  • Indexing the gears
  • Adjusting brake pads
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Replacing inner tubes
  • Lubricating chain
  • A report is given to each rider to explain any further work recommended.

Bike Surgery Session

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution whereby our mechanics can complete more major repairs and in-depth servicing, you'll want to book our Bike Surgery instead of a Dr Bike.

See prices and Book a Bike Surgery session here

Bike Surgery sessions allow for 1.5 hour per bike meaning we can complete more substantial servicing and repairs like changing chains and cassettes, tyres or bearings.


Basic parts are included free of charge, such as v-brake blocks, cables and innertubes.

Extra parts are not incuded in the price so the organiser or employee would need to pay. These would include chains, cassettes, tyres, brake levers, callipers, chainsets, derailleurs etc. The bike owner would be consulted before fitting.

Bike Surgery reparis & servicing

Depending on how many jobs need doing on a given bike, we may be able to complete services from the list below (all subject to availability of specific parts):

  • 'Silver' bike service (brakes, gears, chain, wheels or headset)
  • Chain replacement
  • Cassette or freewheel replacement
  • Hub servicing
  • Headset servicing
  • Wheel truing
  • Disc brake pad replacement
  • Brake bleeding
  • Derailleur replacement
  • Pedal or crank replacement

Bike owners would be asked to complete a booking form detailing the jobs they want doing so the mechanic can plan the session.

Bike fleet servicing

We can service your fleet or staff bikes on-site. Get in touch for informaiton.

EAV servicing

We now service EAV electric cargo bikes - Get in touchfor information

Shirehampton Public Hall (Kacey O'Neill Photography):


Pop-up bike hub in St George

Upcoming St George Pop-up dates (Book Here)

We charge £22.50 for labour and parts on top (as discussed with the mechanic on the day).

    Note: we have a basic set up in the park and while we can do a broad range of repairs, we may find we don't have the required parts or specialist tools for every job. In the same way we may be limited with working on e-bikes. We may suggest a follow up home-visit or we may offer to bring your bike back to our workshop.

    The mechanic will communicate which repairs are possible on the day with you and any prices.

    We have our pop up bike shop in St George Park offering a broad range of repairs and servicing. We have tyres, cassettes and chains available to get your drivetrain and gears running smoothly. Get in touch to see if we can fit you in or book above.