Bike Hire & Subscriptions

Bike Hire & Subscriptions

Borrow a bike and pay monthly

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Squish Bike Monthly Subscription (Child)

Hire a Squish children's bike and pay monthly. If you'd rather try a bike for a few months and save the faff of buying and selling bikes - join the Squish club! No hidden costs, just the monthly fee. We do ask for a deposit to protect against theft or 'extreme' damage.

Choose the bike you'd like and use it until your child needs a larger size. Then simply return it to us and we can exchange it for the next size up.

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If you own a Squish bike, you can trade in your bike - contact us for a quote.


Bikes are 22.50 per month with a £100 refundable deposit required at the start. These are the only charges.


The deposit will be paid back as soon as the bike is returned with no 'excessive' wear and tear. Small scratches and chips are acceptable but not major damage like severely bent wheels for example or significant rust (best to keep the bike indoors). An amount may be deducted from the deposit in line with the cost to replace parts e.g. new wheel.

Realistically this is extremely unlikely to be ever used except for severe neglect of the bike!


Bikes are subject to availability.

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