Bike Club

Bike Club

Have fun, learn new skills and and make friends!

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Bike Clubs

Bike Clubs are an excellent way to build up cycling skills and have fun! Clubs are based in St George Park and will engage children with games and challenges that help them learn. We will use a flat training area or explore the paths winding though the park depending on the group. This allows children to develop bike control, braking, use of gears, signalling and sharing paths with other users! Bike Club is a fun 1 hour cycling class for children between 4 years -10 years.

Check out our Balance Bike Clubs for younger children or Cycle Skills for older children.

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming dates will be listed in the read-only Whatsapp group (cuts down on notifications!). Upcoming dates will be listed in the read-only whatsapp group (cuts down on notifications!). You can join by messaging Sam on WhatsApp and asking for an invite link

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After you have had a trial (if needed) you will be buying a package of 4x sessions. You'll be emailed a voucher code to book your remaining sessions. These voucher codes don't expire, meaning if you miss one you can redeem in future! We tend to list session in 'blocks' or 4 or 5 sessions then have a gap/rest for a few weeks.

You can book 4 at once to save 20% and these don't have to be used in order. Buy a package of 4x sessions for £32 and redeem these on any session you can attend,

New: Buy 10 sessions to save £15: 10x session Bike Club Package

Trail session

New: First trial session is half price! Use code 5OFF

This is a really exciting way for kids to develop their cycling. It will equip them with valuable skills to help them control their bikes which is essential for any future road cycling.

Dates, Times and Prices

Clubs usually run Weekend mornings but also over School holidays & Half term. Check dates here.

Clubs run most Sundays, but it's best to get in touch to check availability.

You can book you first session directly at

Refer a friend and they get their first session half price! They should use the code: CLUBREFERAL

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