Bike Hire

Bike Hire

Get on the Bristol to Bath Path!

Children's Bikes

Join the Squish Club - hire a lightweight children's Squish bike and pay monthly as part of a subscription.

***Please note, bike hire is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (you'll need to pre book) as we will need to meet you. for where to find us, scroll to the bottom!***

Adult Bike Hire


Please get in touch to confirm if we have the correct bikes available for you. We have a selection of sizes and types.

*we now do trailer hire*


Please note you will need to pay a refundable £100 deposit per (non electric) bike. Cash is preferred for the deposit. Electric bikes have a £250 deposit.

1 Day (8 hours)

Please click here to book bike hire. You'll need to return the bike by 6pm latest.


Hybrid / City bike: £35 per 8 hours (£100 refundable deposit)

Electric Bike: +£25 for electric bikes = £60 for 8 hours (£250 refundable deposit required)

2+ Days

Hire a bike overnight for 2-5 days.

Add +£20 per Day. For a hybrid bike (non electric) The first day is £35, then add £20 per day.

For example you hire at 10.00 Monday and return 13.00 Tuesday, this would be priced for 2 days = £55 (£35+£20). A £100 deposit is required.

For electric bikes add £30 per extra day

Hybrid / City bike

  • 1 Day (8 hours) = £35
  • 2 days = £55
  • 3 days = £75
  • 4 days = £95
  • 5 days = £115
  • 6 days = £135
  • 7 days = £155
  • 8 Days+ take out the monthly hire option for £160

Electric Bike

  • 1 day = £60
  • 2 days = £90
  • 3 days = £120
  • 4 days = £150
  • 5 days = £180
  • 6 days = £210
  • 7 days = £240
  • 8 Days+ take out the monthly hire option for £250

Monthly Hire

Hybrid bikes are available to borrow monthly - for £160 per month. You can book by selecting the "Whole Month" add-on

Hire an electric bike for a month in bristool for £250.

Click here to book

Contact us for details.

Trailer Hire

You can hire a trailer for carrying large objects (out trailer is not for carrying children).

Trailer hire is £45. A £100 deposit is required.


Our workshop is based very close to the Bristol to Bath Path and we can provide maps to help you get to the start. See full description below (scroll down)


We have a range of functional city hybrid bikes with mudguards and racks to help you carry a pannier bag (helmet, tools, lock and lights included). Please let us know your height.

Example bike:


A £100 deposit is required per bike to safeguard against theft or extreme damage. 'Normal' wear and tear will not incur a charge. We understand bikes can fall over and get scratched. We have this in place more in case of a bike being very badly crashed and 'written off'.

How to find us

Put in the following address:

Bike Bristol Bike Hire, Avonside Industrial Estate, Unit 3 Netham Rd, Bristol BS5 9PQ

or use Google maps link

Keep an eye out for signs to "Outshine Paintworks" and then you'll see "Shaunak House" where you turn into the Estate. Drive up towards the large overhead hangar with "Open 24 Seven" written on and into the small car park.