Learn to Balance

Learn to Balance

Help your child learn to balance and gain the skills needed to pedal!

Learn to Balance

We offer balance bike classes where children are able to build up balancing skills on balance bikes! These balance 'clubs' are fun and a great way to make friends! Progressive skills are taught so children develop motor skills in a fun way using games and challenges. This makes it much easier to ride a bike when they're ready.

This is an excellent first step to getting your child cycling!


Session are held in St George / Redfield. Please check the dates below for the exact location as in winter we use the St George Community Centre but from Spring time we use St George Park!


The classes are run in blocks of about 4. See the next block below. There's also some stand-alone dates. You'll need to book a "package" of 4x sessions (after a trial session if required)

Visit the booking page and select the Balance Bike Course 'Package' to purchase the 4x sessions.

If you can't make one of the dates on a block, don't worry, as you can save your "package code" for a future course and redeem a session then.

You will essentially be buying 4x session vouchers, that won't expire!

Trial session

You can book a one-off trail session to try the club, after which you'll need to buy a 'package' of four sessions.

Book a date here but use coupon code " TRIAL " (this can only be used once)


Upcoming dates will be listed on the booking page and in the read-only whatsapp group (cuts down on notifications!): You can join by messaging Sam on WhatsApp and asking for an invite link

Spring Block 1

Thanks to better weather, sessions from the 2nd March will be in the park - by the basket ball courts.

    -----Easter Hols-----

    Spring block 2

    • Sunday 31st March1030-1100 - [St George PARK]
    • Sunday 7th April 1030-1100 - [St George PARK]
    • Sunday 14th April 1030-1100 - [St George PARK]

    Note: if you've bought a 4x club "package" and can't make all the dates, that's fine as your spare sessions can roll-over onto a future course, just use your "package code" on a future session.


    Book a 4x session package for £32 (£8 per session)


    A Trial session is £5, after which you will need to buy a 4x session package.

    For a one-off trial session, Book a date here but use coupon code " TRIAL " (this can only be used once)

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