Rescue and repair subscription

Rescue and repair subscription

Get peace of mind!

Bike rescue and repair subscription

Get peace of mind with a membership to the Bike Bristol rescue & repair service.

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What you'll get

We will come to repair or service your bike within 24 hours. With many bike shops experiencing long waiting lists, sometimes for weeks, it can be tricky to get your bike repaired or serviced fast.

We'll make it a priority to visit you and either fix the bike on our first visit, or give you a courtesy bike and take the bike away to our shop, which has more supplies.

Can we fix everything on the initial visit?

We can do many of the repairs you may need at your home or workplace with our mobile workshop.

If parts are needed which are not with the mobile mechanic, we may recommend that we take your bike back to our shop.

What if the bike can't be fixed during the initial visit?

We will have brought a courtesy bike for you, which you can use to get about or commute while your personal bike is being worked on. If you take a courtesy bike you will need to cycle this back to the shop to exchange for your bike when finished.

What if parts are required?

Parts will cost extra. We will explain which parts are required and how much these cost.

How much is it?

The subscription is £9.99 a month

This entities you to up to 2 call-outs per 12 months.

What if I don't use the call-outs?

If you haven't needed a repair in the 12 months, you'll be able to redeem a Silver Service AND a Bronze service instead (or just one of the two required). Alternatively you can upgrade to a Gold service for £30.