Bike Bristol Social Rides

Bike Bristol Social Rides

Leisurely cycles locally!

Bike Bristol created the Bike Bristol Social Cycling Group to help people get out and enjoy cycling!

Otherwise get in touch if you’d like to be in the WhatsApp group (note: this is ‘Read-Only’ which means only Bike Bristol can post upcoming rides to cut down on your notifications!). You can join by messaging Sam on WhatsApp and asking for an invite link:

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Upcoming Rides:

We have been awarded a grant by Cycling UK to deliver a number of free cycling sessions!

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Previous Rides

Sat 20th Feb 1000-1230+ - book here - meeting at Stapleton Rd Station platform 1 (the side by Belmont St). Join us for a trip by bike & train (free tickets) on the Severn Beach Line to Blaise Castle stopping at Sea Mills. We’ll meet and depart at Stapleton Rd station, Easton, Bristol BS5 0NQ on Platform 1 by the cycle parking (the side by Belmont St). We’ll take the train to Sea Mills and ride to Blaise Castle park to the café within! We’ll then ride up to the downs, down through Clifton and back via Clifton Downs station to return to Stapleton Rd. Journey duration approx 3 hours inc. breaks.

Saturday 7th October 2023 10am - meet at Lawrence Hill Station

18 miles or approx. 4 hours total including the train journey and cafe stops!

After first meeting at Lawrence Hill Station we will catch the train (I'm paying!) to Avonmouth on the 10:15. It's the platform by the Lidl Car Park. Lawrence Hill Station,
Church Hill, Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 9JJ (Station Platform By Lidl Car Park) See on map:

We'll ride to Portished via Pill, firstly using the train to get to Avonmouth, then cycle back from Portished either along the "Pill path" off-road path (suitable for most bikes) or if muddy, the Portway A4 cycle path! Book here

Upcoming Ride! @Bike Bristol is running a ride Monday 22nd May 1730-1930 meet at St George Community Centre, Church Rd, Bristol BS5 8AA. Please SIGN UP HERE: We'll ride onto the B2B path and up towards Fishponds and across to Oldbury Court. We'll then ride along the river Frome and the Frome Valley Greenway and up into Stoke Park (and the new path!) up to Purdown. We'll then ride down into st werburghs (refreshing drink at The Farm pub perhaps!) and back towards St George on the B2B path. Approx. 10 miles.

The group is registered and insured with Cycling UK.

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Previous Rides:

Saturday 10th September - 17:45-19:30ish. Free guided bike ride this Saturday 10th at 5.45pm, a short ride 10-12 miles, (to make it back for dinner!) with pub stop for snack/refreshment. The weather looks good (and best for days on Saturday - get it while it lasts!!). Start at St George Community Centre, Church Rd, Bristol BS5 8AA.

Thursday 18th August - 18:00-20:00 We'll ride to Ashton Court using Wesley Way and quiet roads or paths through Bristol. We'll have a drink or snack somewhere by the harbour! Gentle pace. Start Point: St George Community Centre

Friday 19th August - 09:30-11:30 - A ride from St Werburghs to the harbourside using Froome Valley Greenway starting from St Werburghs City Farm, Watercress Rd, Bristol BS2 9YJ

Saturday 27th August - 10:00 -12:30 - We'll cycle out to Stockwood Open Space via the Whitchurch Way. Coffee stop in Stockwood! Starting at the back of TEMPLE MEADS by Starbucks and Philpotts, Unit 1, Temple Quay, Friary, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6DG:

Sunday 28th August - 16:00 -18:00 - Starting at St George Community Centre we'll ride towards Ashton Court using Wesley Way and quiet roads or paths. Coffee somewhere by the harbour! Gentle pace. 10 Miles

Tuesday 30th August - 2pm-4pm - Explore the Bristol to Bath Path and enjoy a coffee or cake at one of the cafes on route! Easy pace. Start Point: St George Community Centre

Wednesday 31st August - 1730-1930 - An evening pootle along the River Avon Trail using Wesley Way. Discover Conham River Park and the lovely Hanham Locks (and pubs!) Start Point: St George Community Centre

Bike Bristol Social Cycling Group is a member of Cycling UK and insured.