Cycle Skills

Cycle Skills

Your child will develop the skills and confidence to cycle safely on or off road!

Cycle Skills

Cycle Skills

Cycle Skills is all about developing the awareness and skills in order to have the confidence to ride safely whether in the park or on the road!

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The training is delivered by a qualified cycling instructor, find out more on the About Page!

The course is based on the National Standards for Cycle Training and very similar to Bikeability (the new version of cycle proficiency).

Level 1

The first stage (level 1) involves training in the park; practicing signals, braking and gears. They should have excellent bike control before going on the road. This course enables participants to build up their riding ability and develop confidence!

Level 2

Level 2 is out in the road. This is founded on the Department for Transport's national standard for safe cycling. We will complete journeys up and down a quiet roads, moving into junctions as they develop. They will develop their awareness and understanding of traffic, allowing them to make good decisions. Upon completion of Level 2, participants will be able to make short journeys of quiet roads without supervision, giving them the potential to ride to school or to see friends!

Level 3

Level 3 is for older children, and adults. Depending on their progression the instructor be able to observe the participants abilities and progress to riding on busier and more complex roads. More advanced lessons will allow us to work on their school journey or look at how they would navigate busy roads near home while developing their route planning ability. This is the highest level, allowing them to gain the confidence to ride on all sorts or roads and know which areas to avoid! they will have to have completed Level 2 to start this course.

Prices and Dates

1 to 1 bookings (1 person) are £45 an hour, £65 for 1 hour 30mins or £85 for 2 hours.

Add £30 for an additional participant (Group of 2)

Add £65 for a group of 3

Level 2 Bikeability courses in schools often run to 8 hours, however 1-to-1 usually requires less time to complete and a 2 hour session is sometimes sufficient. 2x1.5 hours sessions is a good target to give the participant a great foundation in safe cycling. and will allow for some level 3 training.

Cycle Skills is bookable throughout the week, after school, weekends or holidays. Please get in touch to arrange a lesson!