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21st March 2023

Free Cycling Sessions in March & April

Bristol City Council are funding a number of free cycling session including bike maintenance courses, children's sessions, Adult cycle confidence and bike repairs. Funding comes from the Council's East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhoods Project.

Cycle training

We are offering a range of taster sessions to help everyone start cycling and get active.

Dates: Sunday 2nd April, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April. See full timetable here.

  • Balance Bike for children aged 2-4 years old, accompanied by parents or carers. Book your child's place
  • Bike Club is for children aged +4 years accompanied by parents or carers. Book your child's place
  • Learn to Ride sessions are open to anyone children or adults. These are limited to 3 people per session. Book your place
  • Adult Cycle Confidence are for adults who would like to improve and gain confidence, you must be able to ride already. Book your place
  • Scooter Skills sessions are for children, please let us know if your child needs a scooter to use in the session. Email Wellspring Settlement to book your child's place.

Bike maintenance course

Would you like to gain confidence cycling and taking care of your own bike?

Sign up to a free bike maintenance course with Bike Bristol.

St George Community Centre:

Wellspring Settlement, Barton Hill:

Dr Bike

Bring your bike for a free check up with our Dr Bike mechanic who will be at Barton Hill Settlement 12.30pm to 4.30pm on the last Friday of each month. No need to book!

And check our Active travel support page for Travelwest roadshow dates with Dr Bike.

  • Monday 20 March from 12.30 to 4.30pm at the Urban Park, Barton Hill, with Dr Bike
  • Friday 31 March from 12.30 to 4.30pm at St George Park, with Dr Bike
  • Sunday 2 April from 2.30pm to 5pm at Troopers Hill Field, near the entrance to the Hill, no Dr Bike (see below!)
  • Sunday 2 April from 1pm to 4pm at St George Community Centre Dr Bike ONLY!
  • Thursday 13 April 12.30pm to 4.30pm at Urban Park, with Dr Bike
  • Wednesday 19 April from 11am to 3pm at Barton Hill Settlement, with Dr Bike
  • Monday 24 April from 12.30 to 4.30pm at St George Park, with Dr Bike
  • Wednesday 3 May from 11am to 3pm at Barton Hill Settlement, with Dr Bike

3rd March 2023

Concord Way to close for a year

Concord Way, which includes the 'traffic-free' path from St Werburghs Community Farm up past the allotments and through to Aldi by Muller Rd will be closed from Monday 6th March to allow the new train station to be built. You'll be able to divert along Boiling Wells Lane (through the tunnel) to get to Muller Rd. It will require a stretch of cycling on Muller Rd which Bristol Cycling Campaign are concerned about considering the length of time. From the council:

"A section of the Concorde Way walking and cycling route will be closing temporarily on Monday 6 March to make way for Ashley Down station to be built.

Ashley Down station will open up rail travel to local people, encouraging sustainable low-carbon travel across Bristol and beyond.

To allow enough space for the new station to be built, a section of Concorde Way - from the allotments up to Station Road, through to the junction between Station Lane and Muller Road, including the closure of the adjoining subway - will need to closed for around a year.

This means everyone who uses Concorde Way through Ashley Down will need to follow a signed diversion along Boiling Wells Lane and Muller Road, where it will re-join Concorde Way on Petherbridge Way.

Ahead of the closure, Bristol City Council has made some improvements to Boiling Wells Lane to make it easier to walk and cycle along."

1st March 2023

Upcoming free 'Bike Doctor' sessions

Get your bike safety checked free including minor repairs within a 30 minute slot (first come first served). Bike Bristol can also provide Dr. Bike for your workplace and we now do mobile repairs - see more here.

These free community Dr. Bike sessions are funded by Bristol CIty Council (Travel West) "Whether you ride your bike every day or you haven’t gone
pedalling in years, Travelwest’s free Dr Bike service will make sure you’re ready to hit the

  • 2nd March - St George Park (By The Bake Box) - 12.30-16.00 - At St George Park, Whitehall, Bristol BS5 7NT
  • 2nd March - Shirehampton Market - 10.00-15.00 - At the Tithe Barn, High St, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 0DE
  • Friday 3 March, Easton Leisure Centre (BS5 0SW), 11am to 3pm
  • Tuesday 7 March, Henbury and Brentry Community centre, 1.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 8 March, Barton Hill Settlement, Ducie Road, 10am to 2pm
  • Wednesday 15 March, St George’s Park (By The Bake Box) 12pm to 4pm

19th Feb 2023

How to avoid being 'doored'

Avoid getting 'doored'! This is an avoidable yet serious cause of up to 10-20% of cycling collisions*. Has this happened to you? The issue is that as a cyclist you'll have no warning of a door opening as a driver or passenger decides to get out without checking. It's therefore very important to ride a minimum doors-width away from vehicles and outside the 'door zone'. Note: Drivers/passengers have ultimate responsibility, clarified in 2022 highway code changes, and can face fines for dooring a cyclist.

Bizarrely, many of the city's painted cycle lanes encourage you to ride in this dangerous space alongside cars. Instead to be safe you must ride outside the bike lane which adds to the perception (for less well educated road users) that cyclists are being 'difficult' or 'entitled' by riding outside the lane.

These painted bike lanes, especially where they are narrow and in the door zone, need widening or removing. Much of a narrow painted lane is also in the 'gutter' the space a meter from the pavement which you are also advised not to ride in too!

The bottom line is to ride approx 1.5 meters away from the side of vehicles to rule out hitting a door.

Drivers and passengers are required to check carefully before opening a door, which was clarified in recent highway code changes (

This also clarified that road users should allow pedestrians to cross at junctions and that drivers should not cut across cyclists. This issue is many may not have ready it:

"Where you are able to do so, you should open the door using your hand on the opposite side to the door you are opening; for example, use your left hand to open a door on your right-hand side."

"This will make you turn your head to look over your shoulder."

"You are then more likely to avoid causing injury to cyclists or motor cyclists passing you on the road, or to people on the pavement."

*Looking at statistics from a number of cities worldwide.

15th Feb 2023

All major road building projects scrapped (Wales)

Wales has taken a bold move away from building more roads! More roads leads to more driving and more congestion and even the move to electric cars does not help congestion or harmful particles from tyres and brakes. The Welsh government recognises the need to drive and this is still possible but this move will reduce vast £multi-million sums spent on major roads projects, which is also important as it allows money to be redirected to sustainable modes such as cycling and public transport.

Many of us that ride bikes drive too but are willing to accept this cannot be made the best/easiest/cheapest option as it has seemed to be for decades. To address the balance moves like this are necessary to create behaviour change. To be successful the move needs to ensure better bike paths and cheaper bus/rail services.

10th Feb 2023

Mobile Repair Service Launched

Bike Bristol now offers mobile bike repair from our cargo bike. A qualified bike mechanic will come to you at work or at home and repair your bike as you wait! Book Mobile Repair Here.

There's also free public Dr Bike sessions running (basic safety checks) including:

15th Feb 12.30-4pm: We'll be in St George Park Wednesday 15th Feb 12.30-4pm. Get a free safety check. First Come First Served! Travel West will be on site sharing maps and travel advice. You may also be eligible for free travel vouchers.

16th Feb 10-3pm: The Bike Doctor will be on Ridingleaze Highstreet, Lawrence Weston, outside Co-op alongside a Sustrans Street Party.

Wednesday 22nd February: Shirehampton Public Hall, 10am to 1.30pm

6th Feb 2023

Bristol Cycling Campaign

Read the February newsletter here

  • Invite you to complete our Bristol Cycling Survey
  • Update you on the latest work following up on Safer Cycling petition
  • Brief you on the situation on Concorde Way

3rd Feb 2023

New Cycle Paths on their way

Major upgrades are expected to commence this year to improve walking and cycling. The missing link between the end of the Bristol to Bath path into the city centre will be addressed, creating a safer route through to the harbour/fountains along Baldwin Street. The Park Row scheme is progressing too which will see the temporary bollards/wands made permanent to protect those cycling up to the hospital, university and Clifton. The Cotham Hill temporary pedestrianisation will also be kept, helping businesses recover and people enjoy safer, less polluted streets.

Read more

28th Jan 2023

Free bike repairs

Upcoming free bike safety checks and repairs "Dr. Bike" funded by the council. You can request a free Dr. Bike here.

🚴Thursday 2nd Feb: 10am-3pm: Shirehampton Tithe Barn, BS11 0DE

🚴Saturday 4th Feb: Filwood Community Market, 10am to 2.30pm

🚴 Thursday 16th Feb 10am-4pm: Ridingleaze Highstreet, Lawrence Weston (street party) BS11 0QB

🚴Thursday 9th Feb: Bricks Bristol (BS4 4AB), 11am to 2pm

14th Jan 2023

Should you have stabilisers on your child's bike?

Many children's bikes come with stabilisers and they have been widely used for years but we’ll explore if they are good for your child's cycling development. Stabilisers are a quick way to get your child on a bike and pedaling but they won't really have learnt how to cycle.

Riding a bike involves the whole body with balance and core strength guiding the bike through the seat, pedals and handlebars. Like walking, cycling requires riders to coordinate muscles in a complex way to stop them falling. Stabilisers remove the need for a child to engage the muscles and balance required, which although is a temporary fix, will not help them make progress beside turning the pedals in the correct direction (which can be useful).

Book a lesson to help your child to cycle here or find out more about our courses.

Keeping a bike balanced requires an interesting bit of control. As you ride, the bike will essentially learn and start to fall to the left or to the right. To prevent this becoming a full fall, the rider actually needs to turn the handlebars towards the lean. This then allows a rider to turn while at the same time preventing the fall. By turning towards the fall sufficiently, the lean will stop and they will straighten up. Cyclists are constantly doing this in a barely noticeable way - continually making micro adjustments. This skill must be developed by the rider feeling the sensation of leaning and through trial and error will find that turning at the right time will keep them balanced.

Stabilisers however stop a bike leaning with interesting results. It will require the rider to turn left to go left, whereas with a bike without stabilisers, they must first lean in the direction they wish to go. To initiate a lean to the left they must actually turn right slightly which causes the bike to start to fall to the left. This is called ‘counter steer’. Therefore on a bike with stabilisers a rider is learning to turn the handlebars exactly the wrong way.

There will also be a potentially significant emotional issue trying to remove the stabilisers as the child may feel they have taken a step back and be upset that they can no longer pedal. Instead it is recommended that a child start on a balance bike or if they have a pedal bike, the pedals can be removed to become a balance bike (and stabilisers removed). Once a child has spent some time ‘scooting’ about on a balance bike they should begin showing improvements and if they can ‘glide’ with their feet in the air they are getting ready to progress.

Get in touch to book a lesson where we can undo bad habits caused by stabilisers and get your child cycling often within an hour.

13th Jan 2023

The Out & About Brislington website is live!

The online interactive map showcases paths, trails, nature spots and wildlife info in BS4! Visit the website and follow at

Explore the heritage, wildlife and nature spots in Brislington, discover quieter and more convenient ways to get around your neighbourhood by bike, scooter or on foot. Let’s go out & about Brislington!

Have you used the Out and About website to explore the Brislington area? If you've used it and it's helped you discover new pahs or information, help us complete a short set of questions ('Case Study') to receive a free £30 voucher for Bike Bristol. (email

12th Jan 2023

Chocolate path due to open May this year!

From the council:

"A major milestone has been reached in the work to stabilise Cumberland Road, which will enable Bristol’s Chocolate Path to reopen by the end of May.

The council’s contractor, Griffiths, has installed all of the concrete piling to hold the ground in place under Cumberland Road, the Chocolate Path and a section of the Harbour Railway.

This means work can now take place to rebuild the wall along the New Cut and reinstate the Chocolate Path and heritage railway line. In preparation for this, a concrete slab needs to be installed by Griffiths across the piling and a supporting ground beam put in place along the base of the river wall.

Councillor Don Alexander, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “It’s great news that the most complicated part of the stabilisation project is complete, meaning Griffiths can move onto reinstating the Chocolate Path and Harbour Railway.

“We had hoped the repairs would be finished around February of this year. However, because of obstructions underground, the piling works took longer than expected. We are now on track to reopen the Chocolate Path towards the end of May.

“Thank you for bearing with us while we restore this important part of our city’s harbourside infrastructure, as part of our ongoing multi-million-pound investment.”

8th Jan 2023

Free 'bike doctor' checks & repairs

Travel West (and the respective councils) are hosting a number of travel events with free bike safety checks and repairs as follows (please check the Travel West website to confirm dates and times)

  • Saturday 7th Jan: Tesco Lime Trees, 12pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday 10th Jan: Redcatch Community Garden, 12pm to 3pm
  • Thursday 12th Jan: PBA club, Shirehampton 9am-1215pm
  • Wednesday 18 Jan: St Paul’s Learning and Family Centre, 11am to 3pm
  • Thursday 2nd Feb: Shirehampton Tithe Barn @ Shirehampton Market (Highstreet) 10-3pm
  • Saturday 4th Feb Filwood Community Market, 10am to 2.30pm
  • Thursday 9th Feb Bricks Bristol (BS4 4AB), 11am to 2pm

    £32.9 million to create a national network of walking and cycling experts

    "Funding will help councils to develop better designed walking and cycling schemes.

    • millions are being encouraged to walk and cycle more this year to get fit and save money, with an additional £32.9 million of government funding to accelerate walking and cycling schemes across the country
    • with many people looking to improve their health or reduce their carbon footprint this month, the government is helping councils improve how they design and create active travel schemes by training staff
    • innovations could see better designed school safety zones to encourage active travel, improved walking and cycling infrastructure on local high streets as well as new cycle and wheelchair paths

    Millions of families, commuters and school children are being encouraged to take up healthy habits this year. Local councils will benefit from skills training and a boost to green jobs thanks to a £32.9 million scheme launched today (2 January 2023) which will enable them to develop thousands of well thought-through local walking and cycling schemes, co-created by the communities that will use them.

    As people across the country are looking to kickstart the year with healthy resolutions, the government expects to see millions shake up the way they travel.

    The investment will help local councils in England design, develop and consult on high-quality active travel schemes that work for residents and consider the local road network. These could include new school safety zones to encourage active travel, improved walking and cycling infrastructure on local high streets as well as new cycle and wheelchair paths." Jan 2023

    New Whitchurch Cycling scheme

    New cycling improvements spotted on Queen Charlton Rd as part of Bath and North East Somerset council's liveable neighbourhoods project (read more). The improvement makes this narrow road safer and more enjoyable. It forms a safe back-road corridor for villages south of Keynsham into S.Bristol using Whitchurch Way and is a well-used leisure route. See Cycle Routes here.

    You can respond to the consultation on the measure here. We at Bike Bristol said: "The road is part of a strategic route connecting several towns into S. Bristol e.g. Wollard, Compton Dando etc. This route is formed by taking back-roads to avoid more dangerous and busy roads. It is therefore great that this section is closed to motoro traffic in order to encourage more to cycle it. It is also well use as a leisure route (me included) and this measure will increase the enjoyment and safety of the route."

    28th Dec 2022

    20% of children can't yet ride a bike

    Around 1 in 5 children are yet to learn to ride a bike according to a YouGov Poll.

    It’s clear riding a bike can bring happiness and is recognised as a vital life skill by many parents.

    Raleigh also conducted research that showed 36% hadn’t ridden a bike at all in 2021 with the lack of safe local spaces for cycling given as a major factor by parents.

    Helping your child learn to ride a bike helps them develop confidence, control, balance and independence. For older children It can become a means of them traveling independently in the city and making use of the network of quiet roads or bike paths where these exist.

    Bike Bristol can teach your child to cycle in a relaxing and fun session that develops confidence. We work around the child with an emphasis on ensuring they feel safe comfortable and ready to progress in each stage. It should always feel that they are happy to be there and not feel forced.

    Bike Bristol will make learning fun by ensuring the bike is safe, set up correctly or a lightweight bike can be hired during the lesson. We also have lightweight bike subscriptions.

    4th Dec 2022

    Case against cyclist dropped

    Road offences are all too common in Bristol and use of mobile phones is one of the most frequently abused laws (just start looking though people's vehicle windows and see!). It's vary very rare I see police patrolling and the seems to be little action by the police to catch people doing this, presumably due to the resources it would take. Mobile phone use, is really distracting is IS a serious offense and stricter penalties were brought in, in March 2022 to see the offence more for what it is - a threat to safety and life.

    In" class="redactor-autoparser-object">https://commonslibrary.parliam... light of the apparent lack of police patrols and action on this (I blame government underfunding), bike riders are using cameras to protect themselves in the small chance of a hit and run or otherwise to submit evidence of highly dangerous driving where this night make the roads safer. @avon and somerset police have been working with @bristol cycling campaign and it seems there has been progress in accepting these submissions and prosecuting some drivers for things like mobile phone use.

    However this year there was a strange case brought by @avon and somerset police against a rider for filming such an offence. The rider filmed a driver using their mobile phone and entered into dialogue with them briefly in Stokes croft while stationary. During this process the rider held up a van behind 'for a few seconds' and the van proceeded to drive past through a red light, also caught on film.

    Avon police brought a case against the cyclist. Luckily Cycling UK, and their wonderful Cyclist Defense Fund ( , alongside support from @Bristol Cycling Campaign, got the case dropped as the case was deemed a blatantly too heavy handed decision plus wasted of public funds. (By the way, Cycling UK membership highly recommended! You'll get legal support in the case of incidents such as this or collisions with drivers etc.)

    It isn't clear, but it seems Avon police wanted to send a strong message that when recording footage, the rider must also not be breaking any law. However, rather than using a hand help phone camera this was a legal head-cam. So it seems it was the miniscule delay to the van that justified the traumatic action and potential court case. This is strange as crossing the road slowly on a zebra crossing, or pressing a pelican crossing button, driving itself (congestion) or parking to drop something off while taking up some of the road, all can incur these kinds of delays. None would warrant these action. I hope Avon and Somerset police can clarify what this was dealt with in this way. Perhaps it is out of interest of rider safety in the sense that you could consider the rider to be at risk from the impatient driver behind. Being on a bike at any time bring the potential for that! To really jusify it through the 9 second delay just doesn't really make sense.

    29/11/22 Barriers

    Bike Bristol has started work to ask the council to remove barriers where these prevent users of handcycles, or bigger bikes inc. cargo bikes entering parks and greenways. A template has been used citing national equalities policies to see if the council will agree that such barriers contravene their own policies and national laws relating to disabilities.

    Presumably it costs a significant sum to remove these in terms of legal costs and contractors doing the removal, so we will watch and see what is possible. Please send google maps pins and photos of any you’d like removed.

    22/11/22 Whiteladies cycle paths saved...

    After a successful campaign the Whiteladies bike lanes will not be removed! Bristol Cycling Campaign fought hard on this and off the back of the Big Ride for Safer Cycling, a large petition led to a debate in full council. Read more on the Bristol cycling campaign website here.

    Read the Bristol 24/7 article here

    The original justification for removal, was to widen the pavement, made necessary by the tree roots that have made it dangerous for walking. However an option has been explored where the pavement is raised up significantly over the roots allowing also for a drainage solution which was also an issue.


    Free Repairs and Rides

    Bike Bristol is a hub for getting more people cycling with lots of free support available, based in BS5!

    For free bike repairs at your community centre or workplace – call the bike doctor! Safety checks and minor repairs available: see more at

    Funded cycling sessions are also available for adults wanting to gain confidence: Book an Accompanied Ride at cycle with a ‘bike buddy’ who can show you a safe route e.g. to work.

    Upcoming adult Guided Rides, Learn to Ride, Cycle Confidence and Cycle Skills sessions – let us know if you’re interested: or 07516661801

    New maintenance courses announced

    Upcoming dates:

    Intermediate course: Saturday 3rd December 16:00-18:30 (2.5 hours) at St George Community Centre, BS5 8AA Book Here!

    Beginners course: Saturday 3rd December 13.00-15:30 (2.5 hours) at St George Community Centre, BS5 8AA Book Here!

    Combined course (Beginners+Intermediate) : 22nd Jan 2023 - 13:00-17:30 Book Here!

    1-to-1 course: 1-to-1 private bike repair sessions are also available on request. These are £75 for 1.5 hours. Book Here!

    Free 'Accompanied Rides'

    20/9/22 - Gain confidence by meeting an experienced 'cycle buddy' who will ride with you to a destination of your choice. Cycle buddies have great knowledge of safer and quieter routes across the city to help you find a good way to get to work for instance. See more here.

    Book here and complete the booking form 'survey'. Select Bristol and in the "how did you hear about the session" please say "Other - Bike Bristol". Sessions are funded by Bristol City Council.

    Barriers to cycling (bollards, gates etc)

    Is there anything worse than a barrier stopping you getting through to your local park or cycle track? Whether it's a simple as having to slow down and get off, or worse, if you have an adapted bike or handcycle, turn around and go home. Help us identify these and ask the council to help them be removed. Contact us to let us know where these need removing.

    Stoke Park gets a brand new all-weather cycle path

    A great new path connecting Purdown tower across Stoke Park and up to UWE allows walkers, wheelers and cyclists to enjoy this green space. Bristol council finished the path recently and is now open. Read more

    East Bristol is getting a Liveable Neighbourhood

    A Liveable Neighborhood is being created in East Bristol! This project seeks to create friendlier, safer, less polluted streets for residents, while promoting walking, scooting, cycling and wheeling, to have a healthier city.

    Beaufort Rd: Click here to view design tool

    Barton Hill: Click here to view design tool

    Add your ideas to a map

    There's lots of workshops coming up to help design it. Liveable Neighborhoods are about creating safer, friendlier and less polluted neighborhood streets rather than rat runs. See upcoming workshops (on the link below) as part of the design phase, which invites the community to get involved. Read more at

    "Today sees the start of the co-develop phase of the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhoods pilot.

    "This involves working with the local community and stakeholders to decide how a range of potential measures can help achieve a better balance for how local streets are used for transport and people.”

    The workshops are drop in and should take around 20 minutes to give your views. Please click here for the dates and times.

    Big Ride - for safer cycling - 2nd Oct 12pm

    Bristol Cycling Campaign are running the Bristol Big Ride 2nd Octover 12-2.

    scheduled for Sunday 2nd October with a later start time of 12noon. The objective to celebrate cycling, with a serious message about cycling safety. We hope that you will be able to join us at Brunswick Square on the new date/time. Wear bright colours, decorate your bike, make a placard, bring music, and enjoy yourself!Please do share the new with anyone you know who was planning to join us.


    Bristol to Bath Railway Path upgrade

    Work continues on the Bristol to Bath Path (and it's looking great!). Latest update from Sustrans:

    4th Aug

    "***One Path BS5 project - construction works update ***

    Today's surfacing works between Bruce Road and the existing closure at Clay Bottom have progressed well, and the section has now been reopened for use. The contractor has been able to do the planned surfacing works in this additional section in one day, so the temporary closure up to Bruce Road will not be reinstated in the morning.Surfacing works will move to within the existing closure at Clay Bottom from tomorrow. We'll keep you up to date with the works, closures and diversions:

    2nd Aug

    "The surfacing work last week went well, and we'll soon be starting to lay coloured surfacing at junctions.During the day on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 August, there will be a temporary closure between Bruce Road and the current closure at Clay Bottom to allow for this.A signposted diversion will be added to the existing one to guide you around it. The contractor aims to reopen the temporary closure out of hours.The work at Clay Bottom continues and will remain closed throughout.We'll keep you updated as the works progress. For more information:

    One Path BS5 project


    Free (Adult) Guided Rides

    With funding from Bristol City Council & Travel West, Bike Bristol is running a series of free adult leisure rides which are at a gentle pace on quiet roads or paths (good for those building confidence). See more at:

    • Saturday 13th August 12:45-14:45
    • Sunday 14th August 11:15-13:15
    • Sunday 28th August- 16:00 -18:00
    • Tuesday 30th August 14:00-16:00
    • Wednesday 31st August 17:30-19:30

    Please get in touch if you'd like to attend. You can keep up to date with upcoming rides if you join the facebook group or join the WhatsApp group ('read only' to save notifications!)